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Tantra massages for men, women and pairs

Draw new strength and push your sexuality limits

Tantra massage is a sensual massage expanding sexual energy to all body with help of breath, conscious approach, loving touch and special tantra technique. In tantra massage you find magic of wonderful intimate massage Joni and Lingham. You can go through deep intensive intimate experience and feel strong erotic chargé in all body, awake life energy or feel healing touch effect in safe atmosphere. Deep relaxation, state without thoughts, being in present, spiritual feeling of harmony and absolute love comes from Tantra massage. It is exaltation of human body, great holy sexuality , perfect ritual of senses and unique unforgettable experience. Read more

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Tantra massage for men

  • Ritual massage of all body
  • Erotic chargé, awakening sences
  • Chakra vibrations
  • Lingham massage - carefully worked-out intimity massage according to Tantra teaching
  • Keeping a control on sexual excitement- keep control on your penis
  • ORGASM - get to know undreamed possibilities
  • Lose tabu - massage of prostate ( G-spot of man)
  • Do away with erection problems, premature ejaculation and fear of failing
  • Find possibility of going through bodily delight without expecting performance
  • Learn Tantra techniques for stimulating sexual energy

Stimulating and relaxing tantra massages for men to draw new energy. Massages include warming up body with hot towels, sensual soft touches and worked-out massage of all body including Lingham ( intimate massage)

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Tantra massage for women

  • Ritual massage of all body
  • Soft energy circulation, awakening sensuality
  • Accepting of loving conscious touch
  • Releasing of emotions, feeling of own body
  • Massage Joni - highly worked-out intimate massage according to Tantra teaching
  • ORGASM - get to know undreamed possibilities
  • Black Pearl - discovering G-spot
  • Accepting yourself, your own body, harmonization
  • Doing away with problems PMS or during menstruation, dissolution of emotional hurts
  • Find possible experience of body delight and relish without shame and reproach
  • Learn Tantra techniques for stimulating sexual energy

Women feel themselves well-balanced and sensually after massage. Tantra massages include warming-up with hot towels, then body pampering with soft things and also well-worked-out massage of all body. These massages can also include Joni massage, it depends on woman's wish for going through this intimate massage.

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Tantra massage for pairs

"Be close each other, stoke partner flame, pour new energy of love and peace to your relation"

For lack of time and care our relations are hurting and wither away. We mean mistakenly , that it will be functioning somehow by itself. Our personal welfare unfolds only from our own real partnership life.

Undergo unique moments in conjoint massage, let cuddle yourselves with hot towels, sensual soft touches, awake sexual energy. Relax with accompanying oriental oils and flavours,inspire yourselves for your amorous life.Massage by electric fireplace with romantic savour or conjoint aphrodisiac bath in pearl bath with rose leaves and aromatic essences increase highest feeling , give yourselves in exceptional moment, which awake your greatest immaginations.

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Multi hand tantra massages

Desiring unique experience indulge yourselves this massage. Two or three masseuses will care of a man with tender touches as well as women can be cuddle only with soft women touches or combinated variation of masseur and masseuse.

Your all body will be shrouded with stream of harmonic and sensual care, you can feel multiplied emotions, huge deep relaxation or feeling of unconditional love and acceptance. Every masseuse and masseur is putting their own unreplaceable energy into this type of massage. Through their interconnection they create unique mixed coctail of feelings and specific unforgettable experience.

You can pick our perfect four hand tantra massage, or luxurious six hand tantra massage.

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Tantra massage & Royal bath

In the beginning of the procedure masseuse or masseur sweeten you with welcoming ritual in standing position. Pearl bath with aphrodisiac admixtures then follows - duration about 25 minutes. Hot bath makes perfectly your body and mind free. Water melts tension,carries away stress, warms up body into deepness. We add into bath aromatic aphrodisiac essences or salts ( minerals), those have wholesome effect not only on skin, but primarily awake sexual energy and sensual feelings.

Bath is decorated with burning candles and rose petals. We use aroma lamps with special essential oils for enhancement atmosphere. All the used products are on natural base. All these components create ideal composition for relaxing, make right mood and absolutly open for tantra massage. Refreshment is prepared for you ( a small bottle of champagne),soft drinks, chocolate and fresh fruit -you can have it during bath or in the end in relaxing time. With Royal Bath you can choose tantra massage for 2 hours, 2,5 hours or 3 hours. This combination of hot bath and massage is prefered for its deep relaxing effect, for perfect care on all levels and for festive atmosphere.

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Tantric submission - massage with elements of conscious BDSM

BDSM - this dark acronym often makes us to close our eyes and look like it doesn't concern us. Yet our "dark part" claims to be awakened and acknowledged. The dark side is just as important and powerful as the "light side" . We love to show to the world our light side as we think it is "the only acceptable one". If we consciously, temporarily and with clear boundaries enter this field, experiencing our dark side by this massage can become a joyful game and healing act.

Our tools will become items that temporarily put us outside the comfort zone and multiply our experience. Blindfold intensifies touch perception. We will find out how scourges can bring about the pleasure or how restraint in movement by handcuffs will make us feel delightfully surrendered. We can leave the course of our pleasure to the person who accompanies us through the massage and to who we entrust ourselves. It is for this sense of true surrender that a basic sense of security is needed, without which it is not possible to give up internal control of the situation. Therefore, we recommend using these techniques as advanced, ie after establishing a trustworthy relationship with the masseuse or masseur. This will allow us to open up more to the experience. Here, more than ever, clear communication is essential before, during and after the massage. Sometimes it can become an unbridled joy. Sometimes old patterns can also open up. It brings on surface moments when we have not experienced dominance or submissiveness happily in our lives. If we do not evade these feelings but clarify them, we will be able to cope with them, move them to the “resolved” shelf and intensify the experience of pleasure.

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Relaxing massages

Our massage studio, created with love and maximal care, is a beautiful oasis of peace and harmony, which stimulate extraordinary relaxation. Relaxing massage makes your body free of muscular tension and of accumulated stress. Logical mind is retreating to backround, feeling of peace and moment of being relaxed is coming. Massage is done with aromatic oils for opening the sences, fine relaxing music is wafting from speakers, flaming candles lullaby you and your body is sending away on the waves of soft touches. At our place you leave all everyday troubles.

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Mystique tantra massage pushes intimate limits and awakes your secret fantasy

In a good restaurant you can find special offer on the menu.Suchlike speciality we also have for you. We created great experience for you as the fans of extraordinary adventure and you can get it only in our studio. Mystique tantra offers possibility to try something non-traditional. Blindfold tantra massage is increasing sensitivity, touches you will feel more intensively and more exciting. Masseuse in " magic" sarong pushes intimate limits and awakes your imagination.

Magic of tantra massage consists not only in perfect massage technique and flowing energy to all body, but also in its playfulness, variety and sensuality. We do not describe this procedure in details on purpose, like talented chef never discloses the recipe for original dish. Are you curious? So taste tantra massage in a different way...

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Massage team Mystique Relax

The team of experienced masseuses and masseurs is guarantee of tantra massage quality. You can find them in our massage salon Mystique Relax Liberec.


- founder and owner of the studio

"" My mission is to give beneficial effect on human body and soul simultaneously through tantra massage, that makes me possible to approach human beings and to become a guide on the way of cognition themselves. I help and inspire how to find life energy and love inside us, how to go through deep spiritual intimate experience." "

Masérka Lenka

Our professional tantra masseuses and masseurs

  Calendar masseuses


Masérka Evelin


Masérka Klára


Masér jakub

Massages for those, who enjoy life

Full of sensual touches for releasing tension, for deep delight and prolong sexual arousal.

Thanks to different approach to human body, to tenderness, intimity, opposite to habitual forms you can feel new unique way of bodily exciting and sensuality. Sexual energy is an elixir of life.

Enjoy present moments, feel through all senses. Indulge prolong sexual arousal and deep delight of intimate massage, receptive care and sensuality.

High quality tantra massage combines elements of classical massage,relaxing massage of all body and intimate massage, awakes sexual energy. We also use lava stones and hot towels. In contrast with common erotic massage, tantra massage is focusing on care of body and soul together.

These massages we offer for men, women and pairs in luxurious environment of our massage studio with pleasant masseuses, masseurs, maximum cleanliness and discreet approach. Parking is possible.

Above standard studio equipment

- pearl bath

- deluxe massage shower

- electric fireplace

- heated futons

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Masérka Lenka Masérka Lenka Masérka Lenka Masérka Lenka

Prices tantra massages and relaxing procedures in Studio Mystique Relax

Special offer 1+1 massages for men

2. person in half

During Price 1. person Price 2. person
OFFER 1+1 1h 120€ 90€
OFFER 1+1 1,5h 145€ 109€
OFFER 1+1 2h 187€ 140€

"Special offer 1+1 applies to 2 massages at the same time. Each client has its own massage room with all the comforts. It is ordering in advance. Can not be combined with other actions."

With masseuse Lenka are valid her prices.

Tantra massages

Duration Standard Massages with Lenka
Tantra massage 1h 120€ 145€
Tantra massage 1,5h 145€ 175€
Tantra massage 2h 187€ 215€
Tantra massage 2,5h 245€ 290€
Tantra massage 3h 290€ 355€
Tantra massage 3,5h 345€ 415€
Tantra massage 4h 400€ 480€

With masseuse Lenka are valid her prices.


Duration Price standard Massages with Lenka
Tantra massage with BDSM 1,5h 240€ 340€
Tantra massage with BDSM 2h 285€ 405€
Tantra massage with BDSM 2,5h 340€ 480€
Tantra massage with BDSM 3h 385€ 540€

Mystique tantra

Duration Price standard Massage with Lenka
Mystique tantra 2h 325€ 395€
Mystique tantra 2,5h 375€ 460€
Mystique tantra 3h 435€ 520€
Mystique tantra 3,5h 485€ 595€
Mystique tantra 4h 535€ 660€

Tantra for couples (one masseuse)

Duration Price standard Massage with Lenka
Tantra for couples 1,5h 240€ 340€
Tantra for couples 2h 285€ 405€
Tantra for couples 2,5h 340€ 480€
Tantra for couples 3h 385€ 540€

Four hand tantra massages

Duration Price standard Massages with Lenka
Four hand tantra massages 1,5h 285€ 320€
Four hand tantra massages 2h 365€ 405€
Four hand tantra massages 2,5h 485€ 535€
Four hand tantra massages 3h 575€ 580€

Six hand tantra massages

Duration Price standard Massages with Lenka
Six hand tantra massages 1,5h 420€ 445€
Six hand tantra massages 2h 545€ 575€
Six hand tantra massages 2,5h 720€ 750€
Six hand tantra massages 3h 860€ 900€

Pair tantra massages

Duration Price standard Massages with Lenka
Pair tantra massages 1,5h 345€ 390€
Pair tantra massages 2h 410€ 455€
Pair tantra massages 2,5h 495€ 535€
Pair tantra massages 3h 595€ 645€
Pair tantra massages 3,5h 685€ 750€
Pair tantra massages 4h 790€ 860€

Price standard Massages with Lenka
Prostate massage to massage 30€ 40€
Saturday massage - surcharge 0 70€
Massage includes opening ritual namaste, ablution with hot towels and oil massage of all body with soft touches of masseuse. Culmination of whole massage is relaxing massage of Joni or Lingham ( intimate parts) on request and it is possible to do prostate massage ( for men)

Relaxing massages

Duration Price standard
Relaxing massages 1,5h 95€
Relaxing massages 2h 120€
Relaxing massages 2,5h 150€
Relaxing massages 3h 190€

Romantic relaxing massage for couples

Duration Price standard Massages with Lenka
Romantic relaxing massage for couples 1,5h 240€ 285€
Romantic relaxing massage for couples 2h 310€ 355€
Romantic relaxing massage for couples 2,5h 385€ 435€
Romantic relaxing massage for couples 3h 465€ 520€

Rental space for couples

Duration Price standard
Rental space for couples 1h 50€
Rental space for couples 2h 85€
Rental space for couples 3h 115€
Rental space for couples 4h 155€

We offer also gift vouchers for tantra massages.

For all massages is necessary to make reservation - by phone or e-mail.

Prices of massages are stated in Euro. For prices in CZK CLICK HERE

For orders over 180 Euros, a prepayment of 50% of the order value may be required.

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